5 Of The Best LinkedIn Profile Tips

LinkedIn Profile Tips

A decade ago, being able to craft the perfect CV and nail an interview were perhaps the two most important facets of getting a job. But professional social media sites such as LinkedIn and other online locations have changed the game. Now you can have your CV, as well as other ancillary information that can help you state your case as a desired candidate for a variety of roles.

That being said, the site can be a bit of a gift and a curse in that your CV will automatically be stacked up with all the other LinkedIn profiles populating the web. You’ll be side by side with thousands of other professionals looking for work, as opposed to the dozens that would’ve applied for the same job as you in the past.

Want to stand out from the digital crowd? Here are some LinkedIn profile tips that you can use to make sure you optimise your online presence and get the most out of this valuable professional tool.

Nail the summary

When it comes to LinkedIn summary tips, the main thing to remember is that, in addition to your photo, this is often your first impression for those viewing your profile. Seeing as that is the case, you want to be sure to lay a platform from which readers can launch into the rest of your LinkedIn profile. Keep it short but include some information that introduces who you are and what you’re all about.

Don’t be shy

Your LinkedIn profile is your time to let prospective employers know who you are and, more important, what you can do. That’s why it’s important to include all of the relevant things you’ve learned since you’ve been in the workforce, including any courses and certifications you might have completed that are germane to your industry. List them so those browsing your LinkedIn profile know what you can do. And make sure to keep this section updated as you complete different objectives and earn various achievements.

Keep an eye on your profile

One of the best LinkedIn profile tips you can follow is to keep an eye on who is keeping an eye on you! LinkedIn allows you to pay for a premium profile that gives you a chance to see who is peeking at your profile. This can be a great way to get a lead on your next job. See if there are people from companies in your field who are looking at your LinkedIn profile and then visit that company’s website to see if they have any openings. You might not have seen them on job posting boards or elsewhere. Then you can be a bit more proactive and apply or otherwise reach out if you’re interested.

Let your personality shine through

Unlike some other field-based application forms on the web, LinkedIn gives you a chance to really let your personality shine through. Use some of the text fields to showcase a bit of who you are as a person in addition to what you’ve done and can do on a daily basis in a professional capacity. You can also join groups, discuss volunteering efforts and add links to personal projects and areas of interest that help you display how you spend your time outside of the office. Escape the bullet point prison that comes with CVs and standardised forms and embrace the freedom LinkedIn gives you.

Let others do the work for you

Before you’re hired for any sort of job, most companies like to call around or email former colleagues and bosses and try to get a taste of who you are as both a person and an employee. LinkedIn can make this task a lot easier for the employers themselves, therefore potentially giving you a leg up on your competition. Ask somebody you work with to write a short reference post about working with you. Hearing it from somebody else adds a bit more weight than you simply listing what you’re good at or what you’ve done.

Following these LinkedIn tips can help put you in the best position possible to get your hands on a new role that really suits your professional needs and lifestyle. Social media is a fantastic resource in today’s business world, and you should be taking full advantage of it if you’re serious about finding the right landing spot for you. Keep these LinkedIn profile tips in mind when you’re creating your page or giving it a makeover so you can stay ahead of the game.