5 Ways To Be A Better Team Player At Work

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Although being able to work independently and be a self-starter is a desirable characteristic, the whole lone wolf act probably won’t get you very far in the world of business. Being able to be a team player and collaborate with your colleagues is essential to achieving success. Feel like you or others in your company are more a group of individuals instead of a cohesive working unit? Read on to learn more about working as a team and how you can improve your efforts in this area.

Why is being a team player important?

Getting the most out of yourself and your teammates is the only way to optimise efficiency and productivity. Being able to work effectively with others is important because your experience and knowledge can help your team come up with solutions to issues, just like the knowledge and experience of others can, too. This is why diversity is so important to a productive business. The different points of view of different people are valuable tools.

Effective teamwork is also important for the practical reason of managing workload. There are simply too many things that need to be done for one person to take care of all of them. Delegation of tasks and working as a team are surefire ways to make sure everything gets done.

5 ways to be a better team player at work

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Working within a team is not something that always comes naturally to people. Feel like you’re having trouble in this area? Here are five tips to consider using if you want to become a better teammate.

  • Listen

You are a valuable part of your team at work. You must be, or else you wouldn’t be there! But, remember, you are just part of the team. As mentioned, people with different backgrounds, education and other experience have different points of view and levels of knowledge than you. Being able to let people express this information can help everybody arrive at an actionable conclusion. The best team players are the ones that let their teammates shine.

  • Hold up your end of the bargain

Working as a team often means splitting up tasks in an effort to get a larger project finished. To continue with the puzzle analogy, a puzzle is incomplete if some of the pieces are missing. Think of each task as a piece of the puzzle. If one is missing or incomplete, the entire thing can be ruined. Being dependable is a huge part of being a team player. You don’t want to be the person who misses a deadline or lets the team down because you didn’t finish your work. If you have a task that the rest of your colleagues are depending on you to finish, be sure to do it.

  • Be ready to help

Continuing with the theme of being dependable, being a team player means being there to help your co-workers when they need it. Do you see somebody drowning under a mountain of work? Offer to take something off his or her plate or go grab them lunch. The effects of this assistance are far-reaching. You’ll help the employee get his or her work done, and you’ll help the team overall by doing your part to improve the overall attitude and outlook of one or your colleagues.

  • Compromise

You’re not always going to be right. And you’re not always going to be able to only do the parts of projects that you want to do. If team members compromise, everybody will come out ahead in the end. That’s because nobody will be stuck always doing the same tasks and no one person will be solely responsible for the direction of the group.

  • Communicate clearly

Besides just listening to your team members, you need to be able to communicate with them in a variety of ways. The best teammates are the ones who can address an individual colleague one-on-one in a professional or casual way, interact with a group in a meeting setting and keep people apprised of progress via messaging, email and other digital avenues.

Understanding what makes a good team and being able to instill such ideas in yourself and others in the office can go a long way in improving the efficiency and productivity of your workforce. Think your staff could use some help in this area? Rent a training room from Saxons and get your workers together to review these tips and do some team-building exercises today to see if they can help your company run smoother.