5 Ways To Invest In Yourself And Your Career

Time to invest in yourself

Giving every ounce of energy and effort you can afford to the company for which you work is an admirable trait that will endear you to your superiors and colleagues alike. But it’s important to make sure you’re making time to invest in yourself as well as your professional wellbeing. Taking the time to better yourself can not only benefit your business; it can also be great for you, your family and friends and the other important people you come across in everyday life.

Your professional and personal lives might intersect more than you think, which is why it’s so important to focus on investing in yourself in both areas whenever possible. Here are a few easy ways you can invest in yourself both inside and outside of the office.

  • Focus on upskilling

If you’re wondering how to invest in yourself professionally, it’s hard to look past upskilling. One way is to target problem areas in your professional life. Perhaps you’re word processing or spreadsheet skills could use some sharpening. A Microsoft Office training course could be exactly what you need to craft better documents. Or maybe you want to take a look at the bigger picture. Taking a Cisco telepresence training course or something else related to IT infrastructure can give you a better understanding of some of the things that go on behind the scenes that make a business tick.

  • Step up when you can

Working in a team

When thinking about how to invest in yourself, don’t think your efforts stop at upskilling. Once you have learned your new skills, it’s time to put them into action. Use your new skills in your everyday tasks. If you need to, actively seek out areas in which you can draw upon what you’ve learned and put it into action. In this same vein, try to be a better leader within you organisation. This can be a challenge that teaches you things that are better learned by doing. Taking on such roles can provide you with feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment while also aiding you in overall career growth.

  • Don’t forget about networking

Another great way to invest in yourself and your career is by building relationships with those around you. This can be done by putting more emphasis on networking. Many turn to networking when trying to land a job. But your networking efforts shouldn’t end with finding a career. Instead, they should continually aid you in career growth. Try to talk to others in your office and industry and see what you can learn from them.

  • Live your life outside of the office

Socialising with friends

While upskilling, networking and finding ways to lead and use your new skills are important, it’s also vital that you invest in yourself outside of the office, too. Leaving time for you to dedicate your attention to friends and family can keep your life in balance and stop you from getting burnt out at work. Give yourself permission to shut off the company emails or leave the computer at the office so you can just have dinner with your partner and children or go out for a few drinks with friends. This will help you gain new perspective and keep your batteries charged fully enough to consider and share great new ideas with your team.

  • Be honest and tell others to be so, too

You won’t get anywhere personally or professionally if you purposefully fool yourself in regards to both the personal and professional areas of your life. Try to take honest stock of your progress in your career and when you look at how much time you’re spending on out-of-office relationships. In addition to honest self-assessment, tell the people closest to you to tell the truth, as well. Ask your colleagues and managers to let you know if they think you’re stalling at work. Tell you family and friends to give you a heads up if they think you’re stretching yourself too thin. Such honesty can be the key to finding negative patterns in your life and eliminating them.

Just like anything, success and improvement takes effort, and there is always room for improvement. Your personal and professional lives are no different. Whether it’s technical training with Saxons or working harder on the relationships you have with those with whom you work and live, knowing how to invest in yourself and your job is the one of the first steps to take in improving various aspects of your life. Try some of these tips today and reap the benefits.