5 Work Skills That Will Land You The Job

You're Hired Post It

Landing a job involves a healthy mix of opportunity, luck, a strong CV and cover letter and a dynamite interview or two. When preparing your application documents and getting ready to meet with those hiring, you’ll want to look for anything that can help you get ahead of the rest of the pack also chasing the role.

Of course having the ability to carry out the specific tasks involved in the position for which you’re applying is of great importance. But there are some good skills to have that pertain to just about any job in the world of business. Here are five work skills employers look for that that will help you get that job you’re chasing regardless of what type of role it is.

  • Microsoft master

Tech giant Microsoft is the foundation on which many companies, whether they be large or small, are built. Because of this, being able to deftly navigate the operating system is a must for many prospective employees. If you feel like you could use a little work in this area, try a Microsoft Office training course or pinpoint a specific aspect of the platform in which you can shine. This shows an employer that you’ll be able to hit the ground running if and when you get hired and won’t require somebody to hold your hand as you learn the ropes.

  • Play as a team

People Working As A Team

Being a self-starter is a strong characteristic for somebody looking to join an organisation. But, on the flip side, being able to adapt to your surroundings and operate smoothly within a team environment ranks highly on any list of skills. Just about no role features you working independently the whole time. Because of that, your communication skills and willingness to take a back seat or lead as needed will be highly valued commodities. Try to discuss these aspects of your personality in your interview or provide a reference who can speak to your abilities on this front so those you’re trying to impress know you can handle working with others.

  • The write stuff

An ability to write clearly and correctly is one of the most common work skills employers crave no matter what position they’re looking to fill. Being able to write well isn’t limited to those looking for jobs as a copy writer or editor or in marketing or another similar field. That is because being able to communicate with others inside your organisation clearly and effectively is vital. Pieces riddled with errors are unprofessional and can stop others from obtaining important information. If you’re unable to draft memos, emails, directions and other important documents, you won’t be able to efficiently share ideas and information with your colleagues or those outside the company.

  • Leadership material

Leadership Corkboard

Even if you’re applying for a junior position, showing the potential to step up and take on a leadership role is a fantastic quality. Being able to display great leadership traits shows that you can take charge when necessary and also that, by hiring you, an organisation knows they have somebody that they can grow and mould into a person perfect for a management position. Being able to take charge and rally the troops in your team can facilitate productivity, something businesses love.

  • Problem solvers

In the business world you’re likely to run into roadblocks when you least expect them. It’s important that you’re able to be flexible and deal with unexpected issues popping up. Clamming up and shutting down in the face of adversity are major no-nos, as such behaviour can make productivity grind to a halt. Being able to keep your head and tackle problems as they come is vital. Even more important is being able to think outside the box and take different angles when trying to diagnose and diffuse problems. Such problem solving displays confidence, maturity and an unflappable demeanour that will serve everybody well.

Being an attractive employee requires more than simply ticking all of the boxes listed in a position posting. Having work skills that can help you in a variety of jobs and fields makes you come across as more professional and shows those hiring that you have more than just industry-related tools in your arsenal. Such well-rounded abilities open eyes and can help move you to the front of the line of applicants. Looking to boost your chances of getting selected for the job you’re looking for? Consult these tips and other great tools such as Saxons learning solutions and prepare yourself for the next phase for your working life.