6 Tricks To Makeover Your Resume


Did you know that recruiters only spend an average of 5 – 7 seconds looking at your resume?

When you only have a small amount of time, you need to make your resume the best possible paper version of yourself. Here are 6 tricks to give it a makeover and win those precious extra seconds from the eyes of the hiring manager.

1. Employ statistics

Numbers and percentage signs not only stick out on a page, they ensure your CV leads with accomplishments and achievements, rather than duties.

A duty in a past job is important, but showing what you can do within that role speaks volumes. Think about how many new clients you brought in, how many people you managed, the percentages of sales targets you hit, and ask your former employer if they can add anything to the list.

2. Employ design

Amongst a pile of simple Word documents, a resume with a few design elements can stand out enough to get noticed.

Take a look at ideas online or ask a graphic designer for some suggestions. Avoid garish colours, borders and fonts and stick with clean layouts and simple fonts. It could be as simple as adding line breaks between sections, an indent for added white space or a professional-but-different font.

3.Make their job easier

Whether you like it or not, hiring managers will often check your LinkedIn when considering you for a role. When specialist recruitment company Robert Walters surveyed the market, they found that 64 per cent of recruiters would look at professional social networks during some point in the hiring process.

Make it a little easier on them and add you LinkedIn profile to your CV. If you don’t already have a LinkedIn, now might be a good time to start, as 85 per cent of job seekers do.

4. Phone a friend

Even if a job doesn’t involve a lot of writing, it can pay to ask a grammar-savvy friend to take a look over your copy to ensure you haven’t made any spelling, syntax or grammar mistakes.

Such mistakes will often make a recruiter or hiring manager think you have poor attention to detail. In fact, 58 per cent of recruiters will reject resumes with typos, and most hiring managers will also do the same for a spelling mistake.

5. Update your email

It’s not your resume exactly, but it could have something to do with whether or not anyone actually reads your resume.

Unfortunate as it is, as much as 76 per cent of resumes are discarded simply because they come from an unprofessional email address. Even if you only use it for sending away applications, it may pay to set up a new account for this purpose.

6. Cut the fat

Hiring managers and recruiters are busy, busy people, so they will be more inclined to skim over long paragraphs and look for short bullet points of information so they can get a quick idea of your skills and experience.

Reformat the CV into subheadings, include bullet points, and break up the sections so the document is easier on the eye. Give them the basics in the resume and flesh out the details once you land the interview.