5 Fantastic Ways To Motivate Employees

Team Motivation Meeting

Leaders in business, whether they be management position holders in regional or national offices for giant global companies or smaller local organisations, need to make sure they keep their finger on the pulse of their team. In addition to trying to produce outputs and efforts that directly affect your product or service, you also need to be trying your hardest to ensure those below and around you are happy.

One of the best ways to do this is through employee motivation. Read on to learn a bit more about why motivating employees is important and just how to go about doing so without putting too much stress on yourself or your organisation.

Why it’s important to motivate your employees

There are many reasons why motivating staff is so vital, each of which can cause you headaches in different stages if you don’t pay attention to them.

  • Lower production

Team members that don’t feel motivated are more likely to be less productive or turn out work that is of lower quality. This can affect the rest of the group in the form of spreading a negative mood and rubbish output.

  • Leaving

One reason why great employees leave is because they lack the motivation necessary to keep dragging themselves into the same old job. Retaining your best workers becomes harder if overall employee motivation is an issue.

  • Lower opinion

In addition to just losing your best employees, you might be at risk of them bad-mouthing you to others in the industry. This can be harmful to your prospects of hiring other superstar staffers in the future.

The best and easiest ways to motivate your employees

Motivated Employees

All that sounds daunting, doesn’t it? We think so, too. But don’t worry, employee motivation doesn’t have to be rocket science. Here are five great employee motivation techniques that can boost workplace culture and keep your team members locked in and firing.

  • Understand each team member’s goals

Taking an interest in what your team members want to work towards both personally and professionally is a tremendous thing to do when it comes to motivating staff. Try to sit down and have a meeting with your employees. Ask them about their professional goals. Then, try to help them achieve these goals. Check in with your employees periodically, send them interesting links that are relevant to their aims, suggest training courses – all of this will give your workers a feeling that their goals are being worked toward.

  • Set goals with rewards

Having tangible targets to shoot for can be a great tool for employee motivation. It gives your team a chance to chunk up the week, quarter or year, taking some of the monotony and intimidation out of the work year. Once these goals are hit, make sure there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You can make this reward team drinks or a gift voucher given to the most productive employee. The key to this tactic is making the goals hard enough that employees won’t shut down early after reaching them, but not so hard that the goals seem impossible and dent the spirit of employees.

  • Don’t overwork your squad

The benevolent leader is one that often gets the most out of his or her colleagues. If you’re demanding your team works through lunch or stays back late on Fridays each week, you’re going to foster negativity and resentment that breeds a negative workplace culture. Keep your demands sensible, so when it is time to buckle down and pull some late nights, your team will be willing to do so.

  • Treat employees as equals

Nobody likes being pandered to, so why would your employees? Don’t think you can slip false promises by them or keep them at bay with PowerPoint slides dripping with jargon that doesn’t really mean anything substantial. Shoot them straight and keep them in the loop by handling business face to face whenever possible instead of through email. Failing to do these things will erode workplace culture and get people whispering.

  • Keep workplace culture in mind

It’s hard to not get caught up in results when it comes to running a business. Obviously, having a profitable bottom line is the goal of pretty much any company. To do so, you’ll want the most productive team members in your employ. But if the best person for the job brings the whole mood of the office down, he or she is not really the best person for the job. An enemy of general employee motivation is an enemy of productivity and success, so consider this when deciding who to hire and who to let go.

These are just some of the ways you can make life easier for those you work with. Try employing some of these methods into your working routine and get ready to enjoy the benefits of enhanced motivation and increased productivity. Check out some other great leadership tips and tricks here and start motivating employees more effectively today.