Why Invest In Company Culture? (Infographic)

Company culture

How much is a happy workplace really worth?

The attitudes that your employees bring to the office can subtly and steadily influence the entire organisation, as every activity and every customer interaction is affected by their mood and their motivation, for better or for worse.

A study conducted by Gallup on the State of the American Workplace discovered that a shocking 70% of US workers are disengaged at work, which is imposing an annual loss of US$500 million to the American economy.

Satisfaction and happiness are strongly correlated with productivity and profitability, as the Harvard Business Review discovered that happy employees overall are 31% more productive as well as making an extra 37% in sales.

These statistics have important implications for HR departments, managers and business owners, as it reinforces the need to implement successful training programs for both new and existing employees, to instill and reinforce a positive company culture.

Have a browse through the infographic below, produced by the good.co blog, which summarises these statistics along with even more compelling facts about the importance of addressing employee happiness and engagement. And let us know what you think on Twitter at @SaxonsTraining!

Source: GOOD.CO

For further reading about the importance of having committed, motivated and happy employees, take a look at Alysia de Saxe’s article about delivering exceptional customer service. Alysia suggests that organisations should being to see their employees as internal customers, who have their own expectations and who will perform best in an encouraging, supportive and innovative environment.

A winning company culture is not an easy thing to build, but with the right resources and a strategic approach, it can lead to new levels of employee engagement and productivity in your organisation.