Run Better Training Events With Meeting Room Coordinators

Meeting coordinator

When running a meeting, conference or training session, there is a lot to plan and think about, from the location, to the room layout, the equipment and disability access. This is where a room coordinator can be really helpful to you.

You’re probably asking yourself, ‘What is a meeting room coordinator?’, or ‘Why should I have one?’. In this blog, we explain exactly what a meeting room coordinator does and how they can help you.

What is a Meeting Room Coordinator?

A meeting room coordinator is a person who ensures that a meeting runs as scheduled. They will be your key contact at the venue, from booking, through to the meeting day itself.

A number of activities they will carry out are:

  • Answering any questions – If you have any queries, your meeting room coordinator will be the person you speak to, either in person or via the phone.
  • Discussing your requirements – Every business and every meeting is different. A meeting room coordinator will therefore discuss with you what you would like for your meeting or training, making sure that every element has been considered.
  • Making any arrangements – After talking through what you would like, your meeting room coordinator will make sure that everything happens for you on the day. They will make sure the room is set up ready for you before you arrive and is in the layout and style that was decided on. Equipment will also be set up in advance, with lunch, breaks and any refreshments planned out too.
  • Meet and greet – A meeting room coordinator can welcome your visitors upon arrival at the venue, sign them in and direct them to the correct room. They will make sure everyone is clear on the schedule for the day and will explain where everything is located should they need anything.
  • Available to help – If you need help during the day, your meeting room coordinator will be available to assist you. If there are any problems, they will make arrangements to fix this, to make sure your meeting runs as smoothly as possible.
  • At the end of the day – Another benefit of having a meeting at an external venue, with a meeting room coordinator is that once you have finished your meeting or training session, you simply leave, making sure you take with you all of your personal belongings. You do not need to worry about tidying up or moving the tables and chairs back as the meeting room coordinator will take care of all of this for you.

Why Should I have a Meeting Room Coordinator?

When hosting a meeting, there is a lot to plan and arrange. This can become quite stressful, especially on top of carrying out your normal day job.

Meeting room coordinators are specialists and can take away that burden from you. They have a lot of experience in meetings and training and so they will know what needs to be organized, along with what you will need and when. This provides great piece of mind, so you can relax and not have to worry about every single detail of the day, as the meeting room coordinator will do that all for you. They will even be there on the day, to make sure everything runs smoothly for you, from start to finish.

With no pressure of arranging all the details of the meeting, this leaves you with the time to plan and perfect what your session or training is going to include.