Social Media Recruitment Strategies You Should Be Using

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Having a strong recruitment strategy is key to filling your team with the best possible candidates for the various roles in your company. Because of this, it’s important to make sure you’re taking full advantage of all the different avenues in which you can communicate with job seekers. One of these avenues is social media recruiting, which can be one of the most effective tools in attracting great talent to your organisation.

Here are some things you and your HR team can do to increase your chances of landing a prime job candidate through social media.

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LinkedIn recruitment can play a huge role in finding qualified candidates. As opposed to more social counterparts such as Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn was created to be a professional social network that helps people further their current careers or start new ones.

How you can use it

LinkedIn recruitment can be particularly effective because most users use the platform for professional reasons. That means your audience will most likely be seeking out job postings. Advertising open positions on LinkedIn allows users to take advantage of LinkedIn’s search functions and find your company’s opening. You can do this through paid listings or your own more informal posts.

Your HR team can take a more active role in LinkedIn recruitment, too. They can search through keywords that people have included in their profiles to find good candidates. Then, your team can send a message to see if the person is interested in the role. On this same note, make sure your company’s profile is optimised with relevant terms that might come up in searches completed by people looking for roles. Also, try to have some presence in groups that pertain to your industry so those on LinkedIn see that you care about the work you do.


Facebook is one of the prime reasons social media is such a massive presence in our everyday and professional lives. Whether it’s catching up with people from school or staying on top of the latest events around the world, Facebook, for better or worse, gives users a way to reach millions of people with just a few clicks. Facebook can perform this function for your business, too, broadcasting news and information to a wider audience for your recruitment strategy.

How you can use it

In social media recruiting, building your organisation’s presence is key. Similar to LinkedIn, Facebook has groups tailored to specific industries, and having a profile for your company and being seen interacting in such groups is an effective recruitment strategy. You can also use your profile to showcase exciting projects your company has completed and post fun videos and articles that you think display your culture and values.

Facebook is also another place in which you can post job listings. You can do this in the platform’s marketplace. Since Facebook is a global platform, you’ll want to make sure you put in pertinent location information to make sure you don’t waste anybody’s time. Just like with Google, you can also choose to pay for targeted ads. The difference is that Facebook has data that allows you to hone in on people most likely to be interested in your posting. There are also different options regarding when the ad is posted and how much you want to pay for it.

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Twitter features a less-is-more method of social interaction, with a 140-character limit on each Tweet. However, the platform also lets you post videos and can serve as a fantastic gateway to other sites through links you post. Twitter also is often seen as a more immediate community than other social media platforms.

How you can use it

Being active on Twitter helps your company appear to be involved in your industry. If there is some sort of online talk or presentation taking place, try to be active in Twitter discussions during it. While this obviously won’t be a direct job advertisement, it can still increase your brand’s popularity, which in itself is a strong recruitment strategy.

You can also search key terms and phrases germane to your industry to see who is talking about it. Then you can either join the conversation or encourage those people to check out your job posting. Finally, hashtags can help you target people looking for new opportunities. Hashtags make it easy for people to search for #jobs on Twitter.

In many companies, finding the right people for open roles is a team effort. Whether you have a HR team that takes charge when it comes to filling open roles or a social media person that is in charge of that part of the digital landscape, make sure they’re across these social media recruiting strategies by renting a Saxons training facility and getting everybody together to go over everything. Contact us today and start furthering your reach by fully using the social media platforms available to you.