Training Room Essentials

Training rooms

Once you have decided where to host your training and what room layout to have, you will need to think about else is important. There are a number of things to consider, such as natural lighting, comfortable furniture and stationary.

If you host your training session at a dedicated training venue, then it is likely that all of these ‘essentials’ will be covered. However, if you’d like to know what to expect, or are running your training in-house, we’ve compiled a list to help make sure your room has everything it needs for your training to get off to a successful start.

What Do You Need For A Successful Training Session?

Whatever type of training you are running, it is important to make sure that everyone is as comfortable as possible and has everything that they need. Take a look at these lists to make sure everything is considered before the session starts:

Room Essentials

  • Natural Lighting – This will make the room brighter and people are more likely to stay focused for longer.
  • Ergonomically Designed Furniture – Training can involve a lot of sitting and so it is important that the chairs and desks are comfortable for long periods of time.
  • Effective Air Conditioning – It’s important your trainees are comfortable otherwise they may switch off. Make sure your room it at a good temperature and is adjustable when needed.
  • Clock – As the trainer, having a clock which is visible can be very useful, to make sure you are staying on track and so you know at what times to stop for breaks.
  • Window Blinds – If you have a presentation, it can be frustrating when people are unable to read the text due to light streaming in. By having black-out blinds, these can be pulled down during your presentation to make it easier to read.
  • Power Sockets – Consider whether everyone will be taking notes via paper, or on a laptop. If they will be using laptops, make sure there are enough power sockets available, to avoid disruption further into your training when laptops start running out of battery.

Technology Essentials

Technology is also an important factor in your training. Consider whether you need the following before you start:

  • Wireless Internet – As a trainer, you may need to access websites to show examples. Make sure the Internet is set up and working before you start. Also, if you are running group sessions, consider whether your trainees will need access to the Internet as well.
  • Data Projector – If you have a presentation, you may need a projector to make this visible. Make sure you know how to connect this and switch it on before you start.
  • Speakers – If your presentation has sound, or if you need to play a short video, you will need to consider having speakers set up in your training room.

Stationary Essentials

  • White Board and Markers – Do you plan on drawing any diagrams or examples? Make sure you plan this out in advance and have a white board ready in case.
  • Flip Charts – Will you carry out group brainstorms or draw something that you would like to keep for a later point? A flipchart may be the best way to do this.
  • Pen and Paper – If you need your trainees to write notes, make sure you have spare paper and pens available in case some people have not brought the correct stationary with them. This will help to avoid disruption at the start of the session.

Extra Essentials

  • Refreshments – Training sessions can be long and so people may need to re-boot. The best way to do this is having a short break either in the room, or to break-out areas. During this, make sure there is water, or tea and coffee. Biscuits or other snacks can also help to re-group and provide extra focus in the next segment of training.
  • Lunch – If your training session is a whole day, don’t forget to plan lunch, whether this is sandwiches or time to take a break and go for lunch elsewhere. This will also help improve focus during the afternoon’s training.