Wheelchair Accessible Rooms – What To Consider

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When you set up a meeting, training or conference room, it is important to consider everyone’s needs who are attending. Think about whether there are any special needs or requirements and make sure they are met. This will make sure that your training is successful and everyone is catered for.

A key area you should consider is wheelchair access. If you are hosting an event at a dedicated training venue, wheelchair access is normally available, with ramps, lifts and wider corridors, however, it is always important to let the organisers know so that this can be considered when the room and events of the day are planned and set up.

If you are running your own meeting, training session or conference and want some advice, this blog takes a look at what you will need to think about before the training begins.

Wheelchair Accessible Rooms – What Do You Need To Consider?

If you have someone attending who needs wheelchair access, it is important that arrangements are made before your training session starts. As the organiser, you want to make sure that everyone enjoys their day as much as possible, which requires you to be aware of everyone’s requirements.

For wheelchair users, there are a number of points that you will need to consider, such as accessibility to the venue, disabled parking, room layouts, toilets and lifts.

Getting to the Centre

Speak to the venue to see if you can make any special arrangements for a disabled user, such as parking or assistance. Make sure you let these visitors know before travelling, or meet them once they arrive at the centre, to help them get to the correct place within the building. Explain all of the facilities available to them, including disabled toilets and lifts. Also explain any evacuation procedures.

Building Access

In newer buildings, wheelchair access is a legal requirement and they are normally built with accessibility in mind. However, in older buildings, it can still be quite tricky for wheelchairs to move around in, so make sure pathways are cleared, with ramps provided where necessary. If you do not have a lift, make sure the meeting room is on the ground floor so it is easily accessed.


If you are hosting a conference, especially where there is staged seating, make sure there is space at the front reserved for wheelchair users. You do not want to be moving people around later on, which can be awkward and make people unrelaxed before even starting.

Meeting and Training Rooms

If you are setting up a meeting or training room and need wheelchair access, make sure the tables are set up so there is enough space for a wheelchair to easily maneuver. You do not want to be shuffling chairs and tables around during the session, as this will waste time and can make people feel uncomfortable.

Additional Help

Make the wheelchair user is aware that if they have any questions or need any additional help, what they should do and who they should contact.