10 Traits Of An Agile Business

agile business

Implementing an agile framework at your business is the best way to draw in top talent, optimise your operations, please your customers, and utilise the most up-to-date innovative technologies. In a modern age, the agile methodology is fast becoming something that businesses simply can’t miss out on.

So, what is an agile business and how exactly does it help you stand out from the competition? An effective agile framework is dependent on multiple factors and something that may take your business some time to perfect. But, get it right and you’re sure to reap some serious benefits in the long run.

To help you elevate your company into an agile business, we’ve highlighted our top 10 traits you’ll need to put into action as soon as possible.

Employees get flexible working hours

Having a flexible working hours policy is going to significantly help your HR team recruit the very best employees out there. However, there’s actually a lot more to a flexible working hours policy than first meets the eye.

By investing in a 24/7 flexible working, you can effectively have your business up and running at all times, giving you a serious edge over your competitors. Just think about how beneficial a 24-hour support or customer service team could be in helping to reinforce positive opinions and keep your customers coming back.

Remote working is all part of the package

Technology has made remote working more effective and far simpler to manage. But, to be a truly agile business, you need to make sure that your employees can achieve their best wherever they may be. In conjunction with flexible working hours, remote working can help your business to see productivity soar.

Rapid and simple scaling

Being able to scale your business rapidly is at the very heart of a modern agile methodology. Therefore, it’s absolutely vital that your company invests in state-of-the-art cloud-based services to enable you to scale in either direction at a moment’s notice. Never underestimate how important it is for your business to be able to meet consumer demands when required.

Adaptability during seasonal peaks and dips

While being able to scale your business upwards is important during peak times, you need to be able to weather the dips too. A truly agile business will be able to scale resources to match either scenario so that nothing is left unused. This will allow your company to reinvest capital instead of it being tied up in unsellable stock.

Effective responsiveness to customer needs

Without a modern agile framework in place, your business may fail to respond to customer needs in an appropriate way. An agile business will make it its focus to respond and resolve customer’s issues whenever they occur in the fastest time possible. Through unified communications tools, businesses can ensure that every call, email or chat message is dealt with promptly.

Regular adoption of new technology

Giving your employees the latest and greatest tools will allow them to reach their full potential. With the right tools and IT framework, your business will see a substantial increase in productivity and employee satisfaction.

Compliant with all regulations

With an agile framework in place, your business is going to be able to stay on top of compliance and regulatory obligations with ease. By utilising the most current technology, you’ll be able to remain compliant at all times with the right tools, such as call recording software.

A diverse leadership team

Employing the right leadership is really what can help elevate an agile business above the competition. Tap into the broad range of skilled leaders by mixing together skillsets, experience, cultures, age, and gender to help your business gain a better overall perspective.

Fast decision making

The business landscape can change at any time and that’s why it’s vital to react as soon as things develop. An agile business will have the right leadership to ensure that you can implement important decisions quickly.

Utilisation of analytics

In today’s world, there’s simply no way to run your business effectively without utilising state-of-the-art analytics. There’s just so much data out there to be mined and explored that it leaves any business at a huge disadvantage if they aren’t exploring analytics. With the right information at your disposal, your management team can make swift, informed decisions.

Do you need help getting your agile framework up to scratch? To learn how Saxons can help equip you with the technology you need to become an agile business, please contact Saxons today.