3 Ways Technology Can Encourage Diversity In The Workplace

diversity in the workplace

More and more, many business leaders feel diversity in the workplace is key to increased productivity and evolution in today’s landscape. Luckily for you, managing diversity in the workplace has become easier through consistent enhancements in technology. Just as with many other facets of the business world, such improvements have opened up new doors for diversity amongst your team.

Why is diversity in the workplace important?

Diversity in the workplace is important for a variety of reasons. For one, any sort of discrimination in any area of life is bad news. The workplace is certainly no different. On a more professional level, workplace diversity is key to having a range of perspectives and personalities. This is vital if you want your company to be as productive as possible.

Those who have had different experiences will often see what seems like the same issue differently. Having a collection of genders, races, ethnicities and other demographics can increase the likelihood of creating a team that comes from different backgrounds and different life experiences. These contrasting viewpoints can lead to better idea and solution generation as well as a wider variety of practical skills.

How technology can encourage diversity in the workplace

While your hiring practices will have a big impact on managing diversity in the workplace, there are other avenues through which you can help increase the types of people and viewpoints you have in your organisation. One of the best ways to do so is through the use of appropriate technology. Here are some ways tech is making it easier for you and your company to achieve a higher level of diversity in the workplace.

  •  It gives everybody a chance

In years past, it might have been hard for all workers to have access to the tools needed to stay on the forefront of industry learning. But that’s all changed with increases in internet speed and institutions’ willingness to use this connectivity to help workers learn.

Online learning solutions bring professional development to the masses, which broadens the pool of potential workers that can fill different roles within any given organisation. Having a larger pool from which to choose can help boost workplace diversity.

  • It connects everybody

By bringing people together, technology helps connect a greater number of ideas and creates possibilities for collaboration that were previously unavailable. Video calls and screen sharing make working together and delivering presentations from around the globe viable. Sharing files and accessing documents from external locations has become much easier with cloud computing found within top managed IT services suites. And communication is a breeze with the amazing number of low-cost chat and calling services that have eliminated the need for expensive long-distance plans.

As with online learning solutions, this increased ability to interact increases the number of potential team members with which you can populate your company. Even if they don’t operate directly in your base of operations, their influence can go a long way in increasing the sense of workplace diversity found within your business.

  • It makes it easier to be flexible 

Being able to accommodate a wider range of people, especially those with physical issues, makes it easier to employ a wider range of people. One way in which you can accommodate a more diverse workforce is through providing ample technology for them to take advantage of.

Outfitting your premises with the right hardware and software can enable you to operate a workplace equipped for those with mental and physical characteristics that could otherwise make it difficult to succeed. This includes everything from computers designed for those with physical impairments and keyboards or mouses that are a bit larger for those that have visual trouble to programs that read emails out loud and offer voice typing capability. With such tools, your company can be inclusive of those who might otherwise not be as well suited for a more traditional working environment.

When it comes to managing diversity in the workplace, a lot of the heavy lifting will be done by simply making your business a suitable option for the widest range of workers possible. Technology can help you do this. Whether it’s setting up your office with hardware and software for a more diverse workplace and implementing programs and communication tools to widen your workforce or online learning solutions empowering a bigger number of people from which you can pull, tech enhancements have made creating a diverse workforce much easier. Keep your eyes open when looking to fill your next roles so you can create a varied team of contributors.