3 Ways To Train Your Employees To Think BIG

think big

Finding workers to fill your team that are dedicated to their roles and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done is key to building a successful business. But the best employees will be ones that can see beyond the spreadsheets and to-do lists in front of them. These types of workers will be able to understand your organisation’s overall mission and and visualise just how important their role is to achieving those dreams.

Why is it important for employees to think big?

There are several benefits of encouraging your team members to see the big picture.

For one, it’s a great way to help them feel like they are a valued piece of the puzzle that makes up your organisation. One of the best things a manager can do is educate his or her team in how they fit into the overall structure of the business. This will help them feel a part of something bigger than their own individual role or channel and can help increase their sense of professional worth.

Another benefit of getting your employees to think big is that it can motivate them to do their jobs at the highest level possible. Seeing how they fit into the big picture clarifies just exactly why their actions and efforts are so important. Knowing that their teammates rely on them can encourage them to do their best so as to not let anybody down.

Finally, employees who can see the bigger picture will be better able to understand that a rising tide lifts all boats. They know that what’s good for the company is good for them, which can have a positive impact on their efforts and the overall outlook of their professional life.

How to get your employees to start thinking about the bigger picture

Office Meeting

Do you think you need to work on broadening the horizons of your team? Here are several things you can do, from enrolling them in quality training courses to sitting them down and sharing the overall view of the company, to help give your workers a more macro look at what the organisation in which they operate is all about.

1) Train them up outside of their department 

You never know what it’s like to live a person’s life until you walk a mile in his or her shoes, or so they say. In a way, this classic mantra can be applicable to the professional sector as well. If your workers can have a better understanding of other channels within your larger operation, they’ll get a clearer view of the bigger picture and how everybody’s efforts fit together. Training employees by enrolling them in courses, even just introductory ones, so they can understand some of the tools used by their colleagues can help them understand what else is going on around them. Such business training will also have the practical benefit of upskilling your team.

2) Keep them in the know

Having invisible faces at the top of the food chain making the decisions can have a tremendously negative impact on the workforce within a small business. Such management tactics can breed contempt and generate countless rumours, all the while eroding confidence and making people fear that they’re not doing their job well enough or, even worse, at risk of losing their position all together. Keeping your entire workforce apprised of the direction of the company and giving them regular updates will allow them to think big more often.

3) Show them why it matters 

In addition to explaining the overall big picture to your team, you’ll also want to show them how their efforts matter incrementally. When you give them a task, give them the reasoning behind it. This can be tied to a quantifiable metric such as clicks or sales or something more ambiguous, such as raising awareness of your brand or bringing attention to a certain issue. Not everything you do has to be tied to seeing the company on the largest scale. You don’t have to show them why this specific report they’re compiling will be the key to bringing in thousands of dollars of new business. But each time you show them why what they’re doing is important, you’ll be building up their understanding of why their work really matters. Eventually these smaller, more incremental explanations could help lead to a clearer view of the bigger picture.

Empowering your team or workers to think big can have far-reaching effects that can positively impact not only their efforts and productivity, but the overall success of your organisation as a whole. The time to start broadening your team’s views is now. Enrol them in courses or open their eyes to just why their work is so important today so they can help lead the company to the success you, and they, are after.