5 Tasks You Should Be Delegating

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As much as you might like to think or hope otherwise, there’s just not enough time in the day for you to handle everything on your own. Whether you’re the head of a small business or a manager of a channel or department in a larger enterprise, delegating tasks to others is a quality of any good leader. Read on to learn a bit more about why delegating tasks is such a vital part of any good business.

Why is delegating tasks so important?

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Knowing how to delegate is so key because it allows you and others to spend more quality working time on a smaller amount of tasks. You and the members of your team only have so much time, energy and brainpower to dedicate to work. It’s better to use these personal resources on fewer tasks and do them well instead of doing too many things at slower speeds and at worse quality levels.

By not putting too many tasks on any single plate, you allow yourself and your workers to grow professionally. With fewer obligations, team members are allowed to learn new skills and take courses that are more germane to their role.

Delegation also instills a feeling of pride within your workers. Trusting somebody on your team with a specific role or set of tasks makes them feel responsible for it, therefore potentially lighting a fire within them to complete it to the best of their abilities.

Finally, delegating tasks is also important so you don’t burn yourself or others out. As stated above, any one person in your organisation only has so much time and energy to devote to work. Piling up the tasks can sap these resources.

5 tasks perfect for delegating

  • IT services

Putting somebody else in charge of your tech is one of the first things you should do as a small business owner. Managed IT services can help take care of everything from communication solutions and cloud storage to hardware, software and overall technical infrastructure. Professionals can keep you from wasting valuable time and energy if something goes wrong in an area of business you might not be well-equipped to handle.

  • Design

You might have some concepts in mind when it comes to your company’s logo or other branding, but unless you’re a graphic designer by trade, you probably want to delegate such tasks to somebody well-versed in such an area. This ensures your enterprise will take full advantage of the best software.

  • Admin

Keeping track of details is important when it comes to budgeting for and running your small business. But accounting, scheduling and other similar administrative details can put a major dent in your ability to be otherwise productive. Don’t spend hours each week on admin. You could either fall behind, which can be damaging in its own right, or be left with not enough time to get other work finished. Most admin duties can be taken care of by somebody other than you.

  • Sales

You should take pride in being the mastermind of your company or channel. But just because you know the most about your service or product doesn’t mean that you are the best person to sell it. Having people with experience in sales take over such duties can greatly improve success and keep you from wasting time doing something you’re not comfortable doing.

  • Human resources

Human resources is an important part of any business due to the major ramifications that can come about if handled improperly. Similar to the above point about admin, there are things that human resources professionals can handle so you don’t have to. Being able to commit the ample time necessary to get to the bottom of workplace discrimination complaints and ensure proper hiring practices is not something you should leave to chance. Delegating human resources duties to somebody means your organisation has a person who can fully focus on important factors that affect more than day-to-day productivity and the bottom line.

One of the most common issues with trying to run a small business is trying to keep costs down by taking on too many responsibilities. Knowing how to delegate tasks will not only keep you sane, but also improve the mindset of your team and help your company grow. Whether it’s investing in managed IT services, hiring a new employee or coaching up somebody already within your organisation, delegating tasks can be just the thing you need to take your business to the next level.