5 Ways To Improve Your Presentation Skills

Businesswoman Presenting

Whether your audience consists of clients or other people outside your organisation or team members within it, being able to deliver a perfect presentation is a vital skill in the business world. But not everybody comes equipped with adequate presentation skills. Here are five things you can do that will help you in that department.

  • Keep it simple

Many of the most popular and effective presentation techniques adhere to this simple principle. While there should be no specific limit on your demonstration, you also don’t want to drag it out just for time’s sake. Longer does not automatically mean better. In fact, less can often be more. One of the most important presentation skills you can have is to know what to cut. You don’t want the most important facets of your message to get mixed up in a bunch of clutter that muddles what you’re trying to get across. Try to keep things tight when possible.

  • Switch up the slides

Presentation Slides

Whether it’s creating the perfect pitch deck or updating a long-tenured client on the previous quarter, PowerPoint presentations are a key part of your presentation. Use the program’s power to your advantage. Visual elements such as charts and lists are very important to a strong presentation. But don’t get carried away with stuffing your slides full of nothing but data. Use some humorous visual techniques if you can to keep your audience engaged. A quick chuckle will help them remember what comes after the laugh better. If you feel like your team needs more help in crafting strong slides, check out the Saxons Microsoft Office training solutions available right now.

  • Don’t be a statue

There are more to presentation skills than how to build slides. Your body itself is also an important tool. Now, you don’t want to pace around nervously and make the audience think you don’t know what you’re speaking about. But you also don’t want to be a stiff, boring statue. Use your hands when you talk if you normally do, or feel free to walk around a little bit. This will keep those you’re speaking with engaged. Such movements can also portray an air of confidence that can go a long way in reinforcing your message.

  • Be personable

Business People Listening

This goes hand in hand with the concept of using humorous or otherwise interesting slides. One thing that can torpedo an effective presentation is the presenter becoming the human embodiment of a piece of paper. People can open up a document on their computer and read it to get the information they need. That’s why your presentation needs to offer something different. Try to inject some personality into your presentation. Start with an anecdote that relates to your topic at the outset. Then try to relate to the audience with comparisons that are relevant to a wide swath of people. Turning the presentation into less of a data dump and more of a conversation will help hold the attention of whomever you’re speaking with while also encouraging them to be active participants.

  • Think on your feet

You presentation slides are a fantastic tool that can help relay all the vital information you need to get through. But they by no means should be the be-all, end-all when it comes to the ground you cover during your session. The whole point of the presentation is to provide information about a service that benefits your audience. Because of that, their needs and wants need to be at the forefront of your mind at all times. As you go along, make sure you’re continuing to tailor the conversation to these needs. The easiest way to do this is by paying special attention to their questions. This is the quickest way to figure out exactly what they want to know and the avenue you should try to travel. Don’t assume you know more than your audience when it comes to what they want. Be willing to shape your presentation in accordance with their interests.

You most likely aren’t the only one in your organisation who needs to have top-notch presenting skills. Everybody from the top down should be able to give a presentation, either handling the entire thing themselves or being responsible for a piece of a team effort. Renting a Saxons training facility is a perfect way for you to practice your craft while also doing some presentation skills training and giving your team a chance to rehearse. Check out all of our options today so everybody can be ready to rock when the time comes.