6 Tips For Organising A Great Corporate Event

Saxons Training Facilities - Breakout Room for Corporate Event

Without a professional approach to the planning process, you’ll find that organising a corporate event will be a challenge at best and a nightmare at worst. At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that your professional reputation is on the line, so you need to pull out all the stops to make your work function one to remember for all the right reasons.

There’s a wide range of reasons why you might want to host a work function, but you always have to remain diligent during the planning process, no matter what your motivations may be. So, if you’re trying to woo potential clients or looking to train your workforce, just remember that you can’t leave anything to chance when organising a corporate event.

To make your organisational duties a little easier, we’ve highlighted our top tips to make your work function a triumph. Take a look at our six tips now or head over to the Leadership page to find more of our articles there.

Alternatively, get in touch with a member of our team about the state-of-the-art facilities available for corporate events here at Saxons.

Set your budget and know your limits

To start things off, you’re going to need to create a budget that’s as realistic as it is fool proof. You can’t go into organising a work event and have a ‘rough idea’ of how much everything is going to cost. Doing this will undoubtedly leave you in the awkward situation of being over budget and under prepped.

You’ll need to take everything into account, such as costings for catering, venue hire, security, facilities, guest speakers, print media, nametags, technology, and so on. Taking the time to get this stage right will allow you to set realistic expectations from an early point in the process and save you a huge amount of hassle in the long run.

Understand the audience you’re hosting

As with any corporate event, there needs to be an objective you wish to achieve. So, if you’re planning on training your employees, make sure they leave with the materials and tools they require to complement the training they’ve received over the course of the event.

Alternatively, if you’re hosting a networking event, you’ll need to factor in plenty of time for attendees to talk freely among one another. It’s this kind of attention to finer details that will transform your event into something truly great.

Consider hiring a professional presenter

If you work in sales, it’s highly likely you’ve already got some gifted speakers who are willing to take on the role of the presenter. But, not every company will have someone willing to get up and lead proceedings, so this is where a professional presenter can make all the difference. You’ll need to match the presenter to the event and you should think about the kind of style that will go down well with your audience.

Find a venue that will enable you to fulfill all your ambitions

Your venue is going to play a crucial role in how well your work function plays out. Create a shortlist of potential venues that can accommodate the number of attendees you play on hosting, have a technology-friendly infrastructure, disability access, convenient public transport links, parking spaces, and all the on-site facilities you’d expect to see.

Work with suppliers you trust

You can’t afford to leave hiring your suppliers until last minute. Many of the top suppliers in your area are going to have their diaries filled up in advance, so don’t waste any time getting your event booked in.

However, there’s more to think about than just food and drinks, technology hire, and signage. Perhaps, you’d like to have your attendees leave with memorabilia or complementary materials as an added bonus to the day’s proceedings?

Whatever you’re planning, just work to ensure you’ll have your suppliers under contract well in advance.

Create a fool proof schedule

While it may seem a little obvious, creating a schedule in advance will help your corporate event run a lot smoother. Inexperienced event planners tend to leave this critical part of the process until last minute and it really does come across as unprofessional to the guests on the day.

You’ll need to take every aspect of the day into consideration, such as when people will arrive, the times of sessions and breaks, when food and drinks are served, and when the work function will come to an end.

To help make sure everything runs that bit better, send out a copy of the schedule along with the RSVPs for your attendees to respond to. This will help to ensure your guests will arrive on time and let them know what the day has in store for them.

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