Employee Engagement & The Holiday Season

Employee Engagement & Holiday Season

The holiday season is normally busy, stressful, and a little distracting for all employees. But, the holiday season is undoubtedly a great time to engage with your employees and reward them for their hard work over the last year.

The holiday spirit is something that should be embraced by everyone and capitalising on this special moment in the year can help to build trust in your workplace. But, it requires you to set some boundaries so that employee engagement doesn’t slip.

However, pretending that the holiday season isn’t going on is probably the worst strategy you could go for and won’t help to focus your employees. Attempting to reduce excitement about the impending holiday season will simply harm employee motivation and your bottom line could suffer as a result of this.

We’ve come up with 4 great tips for you to capitalise on and add to any one of your employee engagement strategies. Simply set some boundaries and celebrate the holiday season with your employees in a way that works for everyone.

  • Reinforce the value of time off work

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While you always get workaholics in any workplace, it’s crucial to reinforce the value of time off to all your employees. The holiday season normally brings social occasions with friends, family, and even trips around the world.

You can really help boost employee motivation by encouraging your employees to plan time off. This gives your employees moments to look forward to and helps to reinforce the bond that you have together.

The last thing your company needs is exhausted and dissatisfied employees pre or post-holiday season. So, show them that you care by encouraging them to enjoy time off from work with their family and friends.

  • Treat your employees to a meal out

If there’s one thing that most people love, it’s free food. Having a work’s meal out to look forward to can do wonders for employee engagement and it’s a very cost-effective strategy. A work’s meal can build relationships, boost employee motivation, and bring everyone in your team together. However, there’s plenty more you can do if you’d like to try a different option.

Holiday hampers are also a great way of showing your employees that you care. What’s more, if your team isn’t too big you’ll have more of an opportunity to personalise the hampers to tastes of each individual.

Lastly, you could approach various restaurants to enquire about purchasing gift vouchers for your employees. This allows your employees to go out for a meal with their friends or family and can go a long way to building on the loyalty that they have for your company.

  • Organise a secret Santa experience

secret santa

A secret Santa experience is a great way to bring everyone at your company together, even if some employees are based in remote locations. While some may not be close enough to attend a work’s meal, there’s no reason why they can’t be involved in a secret Santa experience.

While everyone knows the traditional secret Santa rules, there are also a few variations that are worth trying. See what will work best for your company and what will help your employee engagement strategies the most.

  • Throw an office party

The end of year holiday season office party is always something that’s looked forward to. People get to see their fellow workmates let loose and can quickly gauge how much their company appreciates them.

There’s no reason to be cheap when it comes to an office party in the holiday season. You can totally kill off employee engagement if you fail to show your employees that they’re worth spending money on. A few disco balls and cheap bottles of wine shouldn’t really be the way you show your employees your gratitude for their hard work.

Think of making your office party something special and be reasonably lavish without going over the top. Some companies organise trips away, host parties in club houses, visit comedy clubs, dine out at oyster bars, and more. The possibilities are endless and there are all kinds of inventive office parties that you can throw for your employees.

Employee engagement strategies always start with a company taking the hard work of their employees into account. If there’s one sure way to sap employee motivation, it’s by being a corporate Grinch. Showing your employees that they’re valued and sharing the holiday season with them is the best way to boost employee engagement. Try out our tips and you’ll see how quickly the holiday spirit will positively impact employee engagement at your workplace.

If you’d like to organise a training session for your employees over the holiday season, please head to the Training Facilities page to learn more.