Top 5 Qualities Of A Good Leader

Key To Leadership

One of the keys to any solid organisation is good leadership. Just like there is a wide range of different types of people that can be effective, there many different types of people that can be strong leaders in their own unique way.

With that being said, there are some leadership characteristics that can be found in many of the finest men and women in charge of organisations both large and small. So what makes a good leader? Here are five of the most common qualities of a good leader:

  1. Willingness to listen to others

Leaders are looked to when somebody needs to take charge. Fellow team members put stock in what leaders have to say, their suggestions and their guidance. However, good leadership requires more than just sharing your own opinions and mandates. You also need to take the input of your peers on board. Those around you have access to and knowledge of, information and team members that you might not. Good leadership involves using this knowledge and the ideas that come from it to arrive at the best possible solution for the team.

  1. Ability to delegate

Trusting your peers to be able to carry out tasks and accomplish goals is one of the keys to achieving heightened efficiency and success. No matter how proficient you are in your industry, you’re going to need the help and output of others if you’re going to reach the highest heights possible. That’s why being willing to delegate tasks to others is so vital. In addition to allowing yourself to delegate, you need to be able to determine which team members are best suited for each task based on their knowledge and ability.

  1. Strong communication skills

There are several reasons why communication is one of the key leadership qualities. As a leader, you need to be able to share your thoughts and instructions with your team clearly in order to avoid confusion. This is especially important in the delegation of tasks. Communicating praise can also have huge positive effects on the team, as recognition of good work has been proven to boost self-esteem and keep people motivated.

  1. Stays calm under pressure

Leader Staying CalmAnother of the integral qualities of a good leader is being able to keep a cool head when events head south. Those in your team will look to you as the leader to guide them when things get a bit hairy. Staying settled and thinking clearly in times of crisis will calm your peers and make it easier for you to work together to arrive at solutions.

  1. Remaining positive

Similar to how your calmness can help keep others in control in times of difficulty, having a positive attitude can keep your colleagues’ mindsets strong. You don’t have to be laughing and smiling every minute of every day, but using positivity to encourage your team and making sure they know you believe in your collective ability to succeed can help you get over the line on big projects.

How to develop strong leadership skills

Not everybody would consider themselves a born leader. Maybe you’re quiet and shy and prefer to let you work do the talking. Or perhaps you’re comfortable expressing your opinion and interacting with others but have a difficult time being patient with colleagues. Regardless of your personality, there are things you can do if you’re interested in developing leadership skills.Leadership skills

Leadership theories

As we’ve discussed, people define leadership and how to be a good leader in different ways making the concept of leadership malleable and not concrete. There are a variety of different leadership theories, all of which have their own levels of merit. Saxons can help you dive into these different ways of thinking of what makes a good leader.

Leadership training

One of the best things you can do is learn from those who have spent years acting as leaders in their chosen industries. Leadership training courses can help expose you to different leadership theories and methods and introduce you to a leadership style that best suits your personality. While there are leadership theories and overall aspects that overlap across industries, leadership training should be specifically tailored to your group. Organising leadership programs can educate your team members about what it takes to be a leader can help expose them to different ways of thinking that can benefit your group. Saxons can help you facilitate this training by providing conveniently located staff training facilities, including meeting and seminar rooms.

Leadership InsideThere’s a leader waiting to come out inside many people, even those who don’t think they’re fit to be put in charge. Combining seminars from trusted professionals in the training industry with the great staff training facilities available with Saxons can help unlock leadership potential within your group. Start empowering your team today.