6 Habits Of Successful Small Business Owners

Small business

A small business can be difficult to get off the ground, and there’s no simple quick-fire way of ensuring your company will be one of the ones to make it in the long run.

One way to take a step closer to success is to emulate those who have gone before you. As many of them follow similar habit patterns, we can consider which habits may be more likely to help make that small business a flourishing success.

1. They start the day early

Author Johnnie Dent Jr. could not have put it better when he said “early is a priceless timepiece owned by the successful”.

It doesn’t seem to matter what it is you do when you get up early, as many successful people do it differently. Some will rise to exercise, others will get up to spend some relaxing time reading, while others again will simply get up and start work a couple of hours before the rest of the workplace. It’s a time in which you can organise your day and clear your head for the tasks at hand.

2. They delegate as much as possible

Delegating is one of the hardest tasks a small business owner will have to do. When he or she is used to tackling all challenges, they can be confident in knowing the job will get done – and will get done well.

When an owner delegates well, however, they will be able to spend more of their own time on more important tasks, and it will allow their employees to upskill, which is a vital requirement for any growing business.

3. They strive for a work-life balance

A standard five-day working week with hours from 9-5 would be a dream for most small business owners. Many of them work that and more. In fact, according to a study conducted by Wells Fargo and Gallup, such entrepreneurs work 52 hours per week on average, with a little more than one in five of them working every day of the week.

Despite these huge hours across the board, two-thirds (67 per cent) are happy with their work-life balance, and 94 per cent say they are successful. Even with these massive hours, small business owners who aim to balance their work with their own time may find themselves to be more successful as they are less likely to burn out completely.

4. They use the resources available to them

It sounds simple, but not all business owners are good at using everything at hand to help get the company off the ground. Most often, this comes down to asking for help.

Whether it’s from their own staff, past colleagues, friends, or family, a successful small business owner won’t be afraid to know when it’s time to ask for a hand, and to go ahead and talk to the relevant people. These resources are invaluable and can make all the difference.

5. They exercise

The Australian Department of Health recommends some exercise every day of the week, including 150-300 minutes of moderate activity (such as walking) or 75-150 minutes of intense activity every week.

Those who keep up a regular exercise regime (coupled with a balanced diet) may find themselves stronger, more energised, and more ready to face the challenges that arise every day.

6. They don’t procrastinate

Successful people, in general, tend to radiate an aura of ‘action’. If there is something that needs doing, they are the first to make a move. They won’t put off making decisions, starting hard jobs, or even simply replying to emails.

Without procrastination to slow them down, action people tend to get more done each day, which can build up to being more successful over time.