Best Apps For Seminars, Conferences, And Meetings


Whether you’re attending a seminar, speaking at a conference or taking part in a meeting, tablets and smartphones have become a much more prominent feature. Apps are everywhere, with lots of choice from business apps and productivity apps, to presentation apps and much more. Apps are perfect for helping you to get the most out of your meeting, conference and seminars.

Our top 20 apps

It can be hard to choose from the wide variety of apps available, so we have gone through some of our tops apps for your next event, which are useful for both presenters and participants.

Note taking:

  • 1. Evernote
    Create a selection of notes, from short lists to more detailed text. You can also take pictures to add to your notes, keeping everything together. This can then be accessed in the cloud from any device, which is perfect for viewing your conference notes when you get back to the office.
  • 2. Microsoft OneNote
    Collect ideas whether they are typed, handwritten, or even drawings. You can attach web links and files to give your notes context, as well as any images you take and much more. This is perfect for jotting down ideas as they come to you during a meeting or presentation, and collaborating with employees.
  • 3. Google Keep
    This is a simple, easy to use tool, where you can create notes and lists which you can search through later. They are also stored in the cloud so you can access them from any of your devices.
  • 4. DropBox
    Easily share your documents with others. This is perfect for large presentations which you want to share with participants without filling up their inbox.


  • 5. Twitter
    Document the events taking place using short, concise messages. Many events will have a hashtag that they suggest using, which makes it easy for you to join and follow the live conversations. Twitter is also frequently used as a tool to ask questions at large events.
  • 6. Instagram
    It’s not all about write-ups of the event, but also pictures. Instagram is a great way for you to share photos of the event and presentation slides to show what you learnt. You could even take a quick selfie of you and the presenters.


  • 7. Microsoft Outlook
    With Microsoft Outlook, you can send meeting requests and track attendees. You can also sync the app with all of your devices so you know your schedule at all times, even when you’re on the go.
  • 8. Google Calendar
    Another option for scheduling your meetings is with Google Calendar. You can easily send invites and sync it across your devices instantly. Simply download the app to your mobile or tablet.
  • 9. Doodle
    Doodle makes organising meetings even easier. It not only allows you to schedule meetings, but you can also pull events from a number of places such as Google, Outlook and iCal so you don’t miss a thing.


  • 10. Keynote
    Deliver amazing presentations with Keynote, an app which provides all the tools that you need to add text, images, animations, transitions and much more.
  • 11. Microsoft PowerPoint
    If you’ve used Microsoft PowerPoint before on your PC, you’ll be familiar with how this work. The app operates in the same way but is for use on your Apple and Android devices. It also syncs with Office 365 so you can access your documents from any device and be ready to start your presentation instantly.
  • 12. Google Slides
    With the Google Slides app, you can create presentations or edit them wherever you are. It’s perfect for a conference, seminar or meeting. You can share it with colleagues, make changes on the go before you begin, and when you’re ready to present, it’s in the cloud ready for you.
  • 13. Prezi
    If you want to make presentations with a difference, then try Prezi. It allows you to create exciting slideshows which will captivate your audience. There is a small fee to use this tool.
  • 14. SlideShare
    Upload your presentation slides for others to see. This is perfect for if you’ve been at a conference as not everyone will be able to attend or listen to your talk.

Video conferencing:

  • 15. Skype
    Download the free Skype app to your mobile or tablet device and you can enjoy a free group video call from anywhere and at anytime. It definitely makes meetings a lot easier and you’re not restricted by travel.
  • 16. Google Hangouts
    Another option for video conferencing is Google Hangouts, where you can have video or voice conversations with up to 10 people at once. You can use it on your computer, but you should also download the app to your phone and tablets so you can have a meeting even whilst on the go.
  • 17. GoToMeeting
    Whether you’re hosting a meeting, conference, seminar or training session, you can use GoToMeeting. It’s a convenient tool which allows you to work from anywhere. You can start the webcam, share your screen and even save the audio which you can then email to people who missed out.
  • 18. Oovoo
    Oovoo is a free video chat, voice call and instant messaging app available on PC, Mac, Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. Video call can include up to 12 participants.


  • 19. LinkedIn
    When you’re at event, you’ll come across a number of people that you may want to get in touch with. Download the LinkedIn app to help. It’s great for networking at the event as you can search for people and see what they look like, or search for them and see their company and job role, which may help in your conversations.
  • 20. Meetup
    Find, join and organise industry related groups and events in your area, then ‘meetup’ with them to learn and network.

Take a look through these apps and see which ones work for you. Download them and enjoy having access to everything whilst on the go, from any device. We hope you find them useful for your next conference, seminar or meeting.