How To Use Facebook Groups For Business

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Facebook has become one of the most powerful, simple tools a business can use to potentially boost success. What once started as a cheeky tool for university students to snoop on each other and post crazy photos has blown up into arguably one of the most important platforms in the entire world.

With hundreds of millions of users logging on every day from around the globe, Facebook has a unique opportunity to reach heaps of potential customers. And while not all of them will be good targets for your organisation, using Facebook for business can help you pinpoint new customers and give you a chance to better serve the ones you have going forward.

What are Facebook groups?

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A Facebook group is a collection of people interacting on Facebook that share a common interest. You can create a Facebook group for just about anything. As moderator, you can control who is allowed to be in it if you’d like.

How Facebook groups can teach you more about your customers

Regardless of the size of your business, consistently trying to engage with your audience to gain more insights from them is just about always a good idea. While having Microsoft Dynamics CRM training or making sure your team is well-versed in other CRM tools is a great way to get this information, supplementing it with Facebook groups can help enhance the use of such insight.

When you create a Facebook group for those who have either already used your product or service or to target those who you haven’t gotten hold of yet, you open you and your company up to a huge range of great benefits.

For one, you can increase your communication with those who are interested in your industry or product. This can help your company out in a variety of ways. Being able to reach producers and get assistance quickly and easily keeps customers happy. By being able to interact with customers in Facebook groups, you can provide this help almost instantly.

Being active in Facebook groups with your audience also gives you a chance to learn more about them so you can target them better. Users love to share their opinions on Facebook. Such posts can be another data point for you to take into account when making decisions about how to move forward.

When you create a Facebook group, you have the chance to develop a community of which your audience can be part. This can develop a stronger connection between your audience and your brand.

How Facebook groups can help you run your business

Another option when it comes to Facebook for business is using it as a tool to get in touch with others who operate within your industry.

Although nobody is going to spill their beloved business secrets, and nobody would expect you to, being able to bounce ideas off one another and freely and conveniently interact with other smart, like-minded business people can be fruitful for you and your organisation.

However, there are some dangers that come with Facebook groups. That’s why creating your own Facebook group and moderating it yourself could be the best way to go. Acting as the moderator gives you the power to control not only who gets to join and stay in the Facebook group, but also gives you the power to help guide the conversation.

Maybe you are considering the benefits of managed IT services and you want to hear about how it’s helped other companies in your field. Or perhaps you have a process question that you need some advice on. As moderator, you can help steer the group toward these discussion topics. Time new questions or topics to pop up at certain times each week, or manually drop them in as you see fit. This will get people talking, potentially teaching you about not only things you’re already curious about, but also entirely different avenues of thought you haven’t yet considered.

If you think Facebook is just for seeing photos of babies from people you met once in high school or for twenty-somethings to research potential dating targets, think again. With such a massive reach not only in Australia, but all around the world, at your fingertips, Facebook groups can help your business in all sorts of fantastic ways. From providing a more transparent, present face for your customers to giving you a way to interact with others in the industry to tackle current issues you all face, Facebook gives you the power to reach a huge collection of people from the comfort of your office. Consider using Facebook groups for your business today.