9 Phrases Successful People Never Say

Successful People

Want to be successful? What a silly question, of course you do. There are a variety of definitions of success, and there are heaps of different factors that go into earning any of those labels. One of these factors is having tremendous mental and emotional strength.

Many of the traits of successful people revolve around their overall mindset. Whether it’s the morning habits of the most successful people or how they approach different everyday situations, you can see common threads running through many major movers and shakers in the business world. Think you might need an attitude adjustment before you can join the ranks of the most successful? Here are nine things to expunge from your vocabulary because successful people never say them.

  • “That’s impossible.”

Why don’t they say it? To admit something is impossible is to admit defeat, and one of the traits of successful people is their determination. Successful people don’t back away at the site of a difficult path, nor do they throw in the towel after a few setbacks. The most successful people keep chipping away at road blocks until they figure a way around them.

  • “That’s not fair.”

Why don’t they say it? Life isn’t fair. Parents, teachers and other mentors have been trying to impart this wisdom for years, and it still rings true today. It can be especially important to remember in the business world. Sometimes people benefit even though they haven’t necessarily deserved to. Other times companies win business that, in reality, another company is much better suited for. If you let yourself get caught up in what’s fair and what’s not you’ll lose sight of the target in front of you. So don’t.

  • “That’s not my job.”

Why don’t they say it? Not being a team player can seriously harm your chances of success in the future. You never know who you’re going to need help from. The most successful people are those willing to help out where they can in order to be a good colleague because team success leads to individual success.

  • “I don’t need your help.”

Why don’t they say it? This once again ties into the concept of working well within a team structure. Being able to work independently is a strong quality. But not being willing to ask for assistance when you need it is not a strength—it’s a weakness. Request and accept the help of others if you want to reach your highest heights.

  • “Because it’s always been like this.”

Why don’t they say it? Challenging the norm is what successful people do. They don’t accept the fact that tradition is gospel. If something can be improved upon, the fact that it’s always been done a certain way won’t stop a successful person from trying to do it better. Acceptance can be the enemy of innovation. Don’t let it be.

  • “I’m too tired.”

Why don’t they say it? Overnight success stories might grab a lot of the headlines, but in reality they are few and far between. Most successful people have had to work countless hours and make difficult sacrifices to get where they are. This often means pushing yourself past your limits. Don’t forego your health for success, but also don’t be afraid to forge ahead to achieve your goals.

  • “He is hooking up with her.”

Why don’t they say it? This type of frivolous gossip is far too common in the workplace and causes nothing but harm. Successful people don’t worry themselves with such trivial talk, instead choosing to use their energy to focus on the task at hand.

  • “I already know that.”

Why don’t they say it? As you can imagine, another key trait of successful people is intelligence, whether it be a strong grasp of general knowledge or a keen handle of a chosen field or industry. Despite knowing so much, successful people will not brag about their smarts or shoot down others during conversation because they know it can stunt important rapport and relationships and dent self esteem.

  • “I could have done it.”

Why don’t they say it? There’s a great chance that this crosses the mind of successful people from time to time. After all, nobody is perfect. But saying so implies two things. First, that the person did not take hold of an opportunity when it appeared. Successful people are proactive and always willing to take a chance. The second is that they are dwelling on a past mistake. Everybody makes mistakes, but the most successful people learn from them and move on.

Knowing what successful people do and how they act can greatly increase your chances of fulfilling your potential in the business world. You know who else it could help? Your colleagues. If you’re a team leader, consider hiring a great Saxons training facility and spending an afternoon with your workers discussing the mindset of those who have felt success. Team success and individual success go hand in hand, so get to work trying to foster both today.